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We aim to be a resource, not a source of competition, to Sawtooth Software users. In addition to just doing the work you need, we can also train you to perform the same or similar procedures without our help in future projects.

Expert Knowledge

Sawtooth Analytics has the expertise to help you with your conjoint projects, of course, but also with a wide variety of non-conjoint projects, from data mining to segmentation and from customer satisfaction to concept testing.

Full Service Analytics

Sawtooth Analytics can partner with you at whatever level of engagement you're looking for, from running an entire project for you, to providing hourly support as needed on a project you want to run yourself.

Our consulting team

Keith Chrzan - SVP Sawtooth Analytics

Keith has over 30 years of marketing science experience in a variety of client, supplier and consulting roles. Most recently Keith was Senior Vice President/Chief Research Officer for Maritz Research where he led the marketing sciences division, developed new design and analysis products and conducted tests of new developments affecting the research industry like mobile data collection, neuroscience and behavioral economics.

Aaron Hill, IRC - Vice President, Sawtooth Analytics

Aaron is a familiar voice to many Sawtooth Software users. Over the years, he has fielded countless conjoint analysis projects on virtually every conceivable topic.

Since joining the company in 2001, he has headed up Sawtooth Software’s client services, sales, and training operations; including seminars, teaching conjoint analysis courses to private companies, at public events, and at universities around the world.

Dan Yardley - Senior Decision Sciences Consultant

Dan has been conducting and analyzing choice experiments for clients in a variety of industries for over 20 years. He has experience in many diverse fields, including previous work experience in banking and mortgages.

Additional Personnel

Brian McEwan, Consultant

Bryan Orme, Senior Consultant

Cameron Halverson, Consultant

Christina Miller, Consultant

Derrick Hyde, Consultant

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