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Simple yet powerful conjoint analysis

Build powerful conjoint surveys in a snap with Discover's streamlined Choice-Based Conjoint modeling tool. With the intuitive interface, simply enter your attributes and levels and Discover does the rest. Easily analyze results and simulate scenarios to help predict how well your products or services will do in the market.

<p>Example survey building on discover</p>

Preference scores with MaxDiff

<p>MaxDiff results in Discover</p>

Pinpoint the preferences for a list of items like brands, product features, graphics, messages, and more within Discover with MaxDiff experiments.

MaxDiff scores are free from scale-use bias and provide greater differentiation among the items than standard rating scales. MaxDiff invites respondents to engage and think hard about their preferences, yet are intuitive for respondents to answer. Take your MaxDiff scores to the next level by optimizing sets of items that motivate the greatest number of people via TURF analysis.

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Streamlined survey authoring

With a clean and simple interface, you can easily set up your entire survey within minutes.

Quickly add standard question types such as selects, grids, ranking, and open-ends, that seamlessly flow into your Conjoint and MaxDiff questions. Add powerful logic with skips, quotas, dynamic lists and the ability to include custom code.

<p>Example survey editing in discover</p>

Access anywhere with anyone

<p>Access Discover with any broswer</p>

Because Discover is a browser-based application, you can create and access your surveys from anywhere on any device. Easily share a project with your team to collaborate on creating and analyzing the survey.

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