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Discover what they really want

Survey your market with sophisticated choice analytics tools. Understand people’s preferences. Simulate their choices.

The world uses Sawtooth Software to 
optimize pricing. customize service offerings. validate product features. simulate market scenarios. create subscription bundles. prioritize product roadmaps. determine patient treatment plans. optimize product packaging. design HR benefits packages. validate marketing and PR messages. determine discount offers. maximize revenue. design better interfaces. determine brand valuation. validate advertisements. test messages and claims. segment the market. understand consumer preferences. grow market share. analyze the competitive landscape.

Go beyond standard surveys

Simple rating questions can yield unreliable data. But when you ask respondents to make realistic trade-offs using methods like Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff, you can uncover what they truly value.

What is Conjoint Analysis?

The gold standard for measuring preferences on any combination of features. Learn more.

Create a simple survey

Add the items you want to prioritize, like messages or benefits, and let the software design the combinations for you. Publish your survey and send a link to your respondents.

Collect & analyze respondent preferences

Respondents choose between different options created from your attributes and levels. Our software detects their preferences.

Simulate products in the market

Configure different product options and see which ones your market is most likely to choose, all in our built-in simulator tool.

What is MaxDiff?

The best way to measure preference on any list of items. Learn More.

Create a simple survey

Add the items you want to prioritize, like messages or benefits. Let the software create your design, then publish your survey and send a link to your respondents.

Collect & analyze respondent preferences

Respondents choose which item is best and which is worst from a few items at a time. Our software detects their preferences.

Simulate possible combinations

Configure bundles of items and see how your market will choose, or determine which items to offer to reach the greatest share, all in our built-in simulator tool.

We’ve got your back!

Free technical support

Gain access to an entire team of knowledgeable and friendly people who get conjoint analysis and are ready to help you every step of the way!

Endless learning resources

From white papers to webinars to our active community forum, you have everything you need to complete a successful conjoint analysis study.

Hands-on workshops

Learn how you can get the most out of our tools by joining us at one of our many in-person training courses around the world. Want us to come to you? We do that too!

Brian McEwan

Brian McEwan, our Director of Client Enrichment, loves showing off our software through tours, events, and our workshops.

Mollie Olorenshaw

If you have purchased something from us, chances are you have talked with Mollie Olorenshaw, our friendly Account Coordinator.

David Knell

Our User Experience Designer, David Knell, helps make sure our software and services are easy-to-use and as intuitive as possible.

Cameron Halversen

One of our trusted Client Service Consultants, Cameron Halversen is always on the other end of the line to help you with our software.

Packed with powerful features

Free data collection

We host your surveys on our secured servers for free (no additional cost per complete). Need to host on your own server, or in a specific location? Our software lets you do that too.

Mobile-responsive surveys

Phone? Tablet? Desktop? Our surveys automatically adapt to different screen sizes. Even conjoint exercises are mobile-responsive.

Survey-to-survey linking and pass-in data integration

Seamlessly link your survey to a panel company or other survey software platform.

Adaptive choice exercises

Collect only the data that matters most—use choice exercises that are automatically customized to the preferences and opinions of your respondents.

Dynamic price testing

Use Conditional Pricing to control for premium vs. standard brands or use Summed Pricing to add incremental value depending on an attribute or level.

Search optimization

Use the choice simulator to search through all of the possible product combinations and optimize for share, revenue, profit, or volume.

Offline interviewing

Collect data on devices without an internet connection. When you have a connection, upload and sync your data to a central location.

Standard question types

Select, Ranking, Rating, Numeric, Open End, Constant Sum, Grid, Semantic Differential, and more.  Or even build your own question!

And much more!

Skip logic, Quota control, Piping, Looping, Dynamic lists, Test Data Generator, Segmentation, Shelf-facing display, etc.

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