Web Based Web-Based Application

Works on all major browsers including: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Authoring Features

Collaboration (multiple authors)

Custom CSS

Custom HTML

Custom Javascript/JQuery

Foreign language character support

Import merged data fields

Internal/alternate labels

Lists: Predefined

Media: Images (.jpg, ,gif, ,png, .svg)

Media: Play audio from third-party streaming service

Media: Play video from third-party streaming service

Online authoring

Online previewing and testing

Question Types

General Interviewing

Constant Sum

Grid Table


Ranking (drag-to-box, dropdowns, input boxes, sort horizontally, sort vertically)

Select (single, multiple, dropdown, exclusive, other specified)

Discrete Choice Exercises

CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint)

MaxDiff (Best-Worst Scaling)

Fielding Studies

Admin Module (real-time reports, download, and data management)

Edit/delete data online

Free hosting on Sawtooth Software servers

Link to/from other surveys or websites

Mobile device friendly

Online interviewing


Export data to CSV

Simulator (Online) - add on product

Utility estimation: Empirical Bayes (EB)

Discrete Choice Exercise Types


Auto transfer utilities to Online Simulator

Automatic CBC ratings question (level preference)

Up to 8 attributes per exercise

Up to 15 levels per attribute