Tips & Tricks of Key Driver Analysis

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Join Dean Tindall, Director of Client Services at Sawtooth Software Europe, for a 45-minute free webinar on how to conduct Driver Analysis the right way. It is quite likely that you have come across a Driver Analysis (or Key Driver Analysis) during your career. Any analysis in which the purpose is to estimate the relationship between an ‘outcome’ variable and a set of ‘explanatory variables’ can be considered a ‘driver analysis.’ Common examples are: A customer satisfaction study, in which a researcher is looking to understand how the various aspects of the customer experience influence overall satisfaction? A brand image study in which a researcher may want to identify the attributes that drive a brand's value. A concept testing study where the driver analysis provides diagnostics about the strengths and weaknesses of a new product concept. Driver analysis is often used to attempt to infer causal relationships and is used for predicting or forecasting. When done well it can be an invaluable toolset in any researcher’s toolbox. However, depending on the type of data being used, the researcher’s objectives finding the right approach and method can be challenging with potential landmines to avoid. Dean Tindall, Director of Client Services at Sawtooth Software Europe will discuss the best practices, tips and tricks and red flags of Driver Analysis in a free, 45-minute webinar. Dean has 15 years of experience in various statistical consulting roles as a marketing sciences expert.

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Dean Tindall

Director of Client Services - Europe