Aligning Customer and Internal Priorities Using MaxDiff

On-demand Webinar

Quantifying priorities has been a challenge: whether it's your product team looking to establish a roadmap for production or simply to get a team to align on competing interests within the organization, how do you prioritize? Bryan Orme, CEO and President of Sawtooth Software will demonstrate a clever and scientifically sound approach: conducting a MaxDiff to compare the internal priorities at your organization with the priorities of your customers. They often don’t align! What to do when they don’t align? How about considering the cost of meeting those priorities that customers have? Should costs also be considered? MaxDiff can be authored in our Discover platform in a minute or two. The analysis is automatic. By attending this webinar, you'll learn skills that will arm you with a powerful tool to finally bring evidence across the organization on setting priorities that balance internal priorities/costs with external (customer) preferences.

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Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software

President, Sawtooth Software