Are Your Ratings Data Lacking Insights? MaxDiff to the Rescue

On-demand Webinar

Have you ever wanted to prioritize a list of features for product development? Or understand which packaging designs consumers prefer? If you have used the age-old rating or ranking based approaches, you might have found it difficult to uncover what consumers truly want. Have no fear — MaxDiff to the rescue! MaxDiff Analysis, or Best-Worst Item Scaling, is a simple yet advanced solution for measuring preference/ importance for a list of items. Respondents are asked to choose between items and people are excellent at making choices! Furthermore, MaxDiff removes scale bias and leads to greater discrimination, since respondents are not allowed to say everything is important or desirable.

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What You'll Learn

  • What MaxDiff is and how it works — including real-world examples from web and product development, healthcare, consumer goods and more!
  • How to create and execute a successful MaxDiff project within Sawtooth Software’s Discover DIY platform (it’s surprisingly easy!)
  • How to seamlessly integrate Sawtooth Software with other survey software platforms


Bryan Orme


Megan Peitz

Ingenuity Ambassador