Discover Update October 2023

On-demand Webinar

Join Justin Luster, VP of Product at Sawtooth Software, as he discusses all the great updates that our team has put into Discover over the last quarter. He will also share development plans for the next quarter and show some Discover tips and tricks. Towards the end of the webinar there will be an open discussion with attendees on what they would like to see next in Discover. Come help build our product roadmap! Discover is Sawtooth Software's new up and coming product for creating, administering, and analyzing online surveys. It is beautiful, easy to use, and powerful. Discover allows you to create online surveys in minutes. It has skip logic, quota control, collaboration, multi-language capabilities, and more. Discover is exceptionally good at MaxDiff and conjoint analysis. Come check it out, you are going to love it.

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Justin Luster

VP of Product