Do you TURF? An Optimization Approach

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TURF stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency, allowing us, as researchers, to identify a subset of messages or items to offer that will reach the greatest number of consumers possible. It can be used to answer many questions in marketing research.

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Turf can be used to answer many questions in marketing research, such as:

  • Which ice cream flavors should we offer to appeal to the largest number of people at the store?
  • Where should we advertise to reach the widest possible audience?
  • What features should we include to attract the largest group of consumers?

The best part about TURF is that it is easy to conduct and understand! Join us to learn more about TURF, how to gather the data and analyze it using Sawtooth Software's MaxDiff Analyzer!

What You'll Learn

  • What is TURF?
  • How to gather TURF data
  • How to analyze "reach" in Sawtooth Software's MaxDiff Analyzer
  • "Reach" vs. "Overlap"


Brian McEwan

Director of Client Services

Megan Peitz

Ingenuity Ambassador

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