Expert Tools to Optimize Market Insights in Healthcare

On-demand Webinar

When conducting research in healthcare-related fields such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical equipment, researchers often face two formidable and mutually-exacerbating challenges: the need for complex models and the limitation of comparatively small sample sizes.

Webinar Details

In this webinar, we will review a variety of research projects we've conducted in the healthcare space, and show how various advanced analytical models can be refined to accommodate small sample sizes.  In particular, we’ll focus on two topics, choice models and segmentation.  For choice models, we’ll discuss designed choice experiments like choice-based conjoint, situational choice and Best-Worst models, but also cross-sectional models such as patient chart studies.  We’ll also spend some time discussing segmentation studies, including ones developed specifically for pharmaceutical markets.  After participating in this webinar, you will have a better view of how you can conduct more sophisticated healthcare research within the confines of limited sample size.


Keith Chrzan

SVP Sawtooth Analytics

Aaron Hill

Vice President