Intro to Choice-Based Conjoint with Lighthouse Studio Part 2: Analysis & Market Simulations

On-demand Webinar

Do you want to know how buyers might react if you alter a product or change a price? Given multiple products, which one will consumers choose? And what features drive those decisions? Great marketers ask themselves these questions and discrete choice is often the best way to answer them. Join Sawtooth Software for a two-part introduction to one of the most widely-used quantitative methods in market research: Choice-Based Conjoint. Learn how to design, program, and analyze a Choice-Based Conjoint study with Sawtooth Software's flagship desktop software, Lighthouse Studio.

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What You'll Learn

  • Analyzing CBC data in Lighthouse Studio
  • Overview of CBC outputs
  • Using Lighthouse Studio's Choice Simulator for market scendarios


Brian McEwan

Director of Client Services

Megan Peitz

Ingenuity Ambassador