Managing a Successful CBC Project

On-demand Webinar

There are numerous techniques in marketing research — choice-based conjoint (CBC) being one of them. And while CBC is extremely powerful, many research firms shy away from offering it! They mention that it is “too complex” and “too difficult to explain to clients”. But at Sawtooth Software, we believe neither of these statements are true. Join us on the journey from proposal, to survey design, to fielding and reporting. In each phase, we will cover what to pay attention to, what questions to ask, how to avoid pitfalls, and what to look for in the results. Learn our best practices as the experts in conjoint analysis and gain insight into the elegant and powerful technique that is CBC. No matter your experience with conjoint analysis, this webinar is for you!

Webinar Details

What You'll Learn

  • Identify a conjoint analysis project
  • Properly structure a CBC
    • Attributes and levels
    • Layout
    • Additional considerations (interactions, covariates, prohibitions, design, etc.)
  • Review analysis results


Keith Chrzan

SVP Sawtooth Analytics

Megan Peitz

Ingenuity Ambassador