Predictive Segmentation

On-demand Webinar

Predictive segmentation is a way to trick a standard segmentation study to result in segments that are especially different on a particular variable of interest (typically a measure of intent to try a new product). It’s not a supervised segmentation (which requires very large sample sizes) so it’s very scalable even down to the kinds of small sample sizes we have in B2B studies. In this webinar Keith Chrzan, the leader of Sawtooth's consulting team, will introduce the idea of predictive segmentation and show how it’s different from other kinds of segmentation. He will also discuss a case study and then share some specific recommendations about the best ways to bring your predictive segmentation study to life. Whether you’re new to segmentation or you’ve done segmentations before, we hope you’ll find something valuable in this webinar.


Keith Chrzan

SVP - Sawtooth Analytics