Server Setup: Lighthouse Studio 9

In order to run Lighthouse Studio surveys your web server will need to have the following:

  • Perl  5.14.2 or later installed. This is different than version 8 which required 5.7 or later.
  • You may also want to add the Perl module DateTime 1.06 or better which affects the Admin Module date display.
  • Access to a  MySQL or  Microsoft SQL database. Lighthouse Studio needs to have read, write, and delete database permissions. A database needs to be created for Lighthouse Studio to use. A database name and a database username and password need to be provided to Lighthouse Studio.
  • To access the database the Perl  DBI Module (1.6 or newer) must be installed.
    • If you are connecting to a MySQL database then you will also need the Perl  DBD::mysql module (version 4.02 or newer).
    • If you are connecting to a Windows SQL database then you'll need the Perl  DBD::ODBCmodule (1.4.3 or newer). See the links below for additional information.
  • A way needs to be provided to transfer files from the survey author's machine up to the web server. This is typically done through an FTP account. SSL or SSH will also work.

Once the above items are properly configured on the web server Lighthouse Studio will be able to upload and install surveys. To upload a survey to the web server go to  Field, Remote Survey Management within Lighthouse Studio. You will then be prompted for the Database and FTP server settings.

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