Sawtooth Software 2020 European Conference | Virtual Attendance  | September 22–25
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Our Mission

Aaron HillSawtooth Analytics provides consulting, analytical, and survey programming services primarily to Sawtooth Software customers. We can assist you when your needs exceed the scope of the free technical support we offer with our software systems, or when you need additional resources to help you design, analyze or interpret a survey.

We aim to be a resource, not a source of competition, to Sawtooth Software users. In addition to just doing the work you need, we can also train you to perform the same or similar procedures without our help in future projects — no inflexible branded systems or secret black boxes! If the need arises, we can also arrange custom modifications of our software systems.

Sawtooth Analytics has the expertise to help you with your conjoint projects, of course, but also with a wide variety of non-conjoint projects, from brand research to segmentation and from concept testing to customer satisfaction.

We can provide evidence- and experience-based advice on every phase of the research from design through analysis to reporting and we provide analytical support as needed.