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Academic Licensing



Teach MaxDiff and Conjoint Analysis in the classroom —for FREE— by using Discover, our streamlined web-based app.


Advanced Teaching

Teach advanced MaxDiff and Conjoint Analysis with both Lighthouse Studio, our industry-leading desktop software, and Discover, our streamlined, web-based app.


Academic Research

Perform academic research using the industry's leading data collection and analytics software at steep discounts for faculty, students and academic teams.

Teaching or learning conjoint analysis? We’ve got you covered!

<p>Teaching in a classroom with Sawtooth Software.</p>
  • Ready Made Slides
  • Online Conjoint Courses
  • Explainer Videos
  • Plug & Play Data
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars
  • Reading Excerpts
  • Suggested Exercises
  • Technical Papers

Student Programs


Academic Grant

Available to any master's or Ph.D. students enrolled in an accredited institution.

Ph.D and master's students can receive:

Full access to Discover or Lighthouse Studio

Unlimited respondents

Free technical support

Access to webinars, technical papers, and other online resources


Candidates must have a solid understanding of market research techniques such as Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff

Candidates must provide a written summary of research and findings we can post on our website for the benefit of others

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*Software awarded is soley for academic use relating to your degree. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.