Licensing Policy

(Effective Jan 1, 2015)

  1. Software is sold as a 12-month subscription license.
  2. Free technical support, software maintenance, online hosting for data collection*, and product upgrades are included.
  3. Each license is for the exclusive use of a specific, named individual on one or more computers. Licenses may be transferred from one user to another within the company or licensed organization upon approval by Sawtooth Software.
  4. Users must register their software before use. Sawtooth Software may monitor and periodically audit license registration activity.
  5. Only registered users may receive technical support. When you request technical support, Sawtooth Software will verify your serial number.
  6. Academic license technical support is limited to a single contact person.
  7. Software is sold at the list price. Software may be returned for a full refund within 60 days of software purchase.
  8. Individual Component License (not Suite License) subscription renewals will receive a 30% discount if payment is received by Sawtooth Software on or before the anniversary of the annual contract.
  9. For existing perpetual license users who do not wish to upgrade to an annual subscription, we will continue to support their old licenses for some time (our track record has been to support older versions in terms of bug fixes for around 3 years and to offer technical support for often up to 10 years).
  10. Prices, discounts, and licensing policies are subject to change.

*Free survey hosting covers per-respondent and standard monthly hosting fees. Limited to 50,000 maximum completes per month per organization (contact us if you need higher limits). Other services may incur fees (e.g. custom domains).

License Agreement and Terms