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MaxDiff is an approach for obtaining preference/importance scores for multiple items. Although MaxDiff shares much in common with conjoint analysis, it is easier to use and applicable to a wider variety of research situations. MaxDiff is also known as "best-worst scaling."
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Common applications include:
  • Message testing
  • Brand preference
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product features


Our powerful MaxDiff options include:

Discover, our web-based survey authoring platform, allows you to design, field, and analyze MaxDiff exercises with up to 30 items — all within your browser.
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Lighthouse Studio, our Windows-based survey authoring platform, makes it easy to design, field, and analyze MaxDiff exercises and seamlessly integrate them into existing surveys.
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The MaxDiff Analyzer is an online tool for analyzing and sharing MaxDiff results with clients. Run choice simulations and TURF analysis.
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What is MaxDiff?
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