Discover is a web-based survey platform that makes choice analytics easier than ever before! Point and click to build a survey easily and even include a MaxDiff or Choice-based Conjoint (CBC) exercise!

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Want to measure the preference/importance of items with greater precision and avoid scale use bias? With Discover, MaxDiff (best-worst scaling) couldn't be easier. Simply enter your items, collect data, then analyze and share the results.

MaxDiff is a great approach for obtaining preference scores for multiple items such as brand preferences, brand images, product features, advertising claims, etc. To learn more about MaxDiff see our fun video "What can MaxDiff do for you?"

Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC)

Discover gives you decades of our conjoint analysis experience at your fingertips. Just enter your attributes and levels, and Discover intelligently recommends how many questions to ask and how many product concepts to show per screen. Push a button and your survey is live and ready for data collection. Then use our powerful online simulator to analyze the results and help predict how well your products or services will do in the market.

Organizations use conjoint analysis to make better pricing decisions, design new products or line extensions, reposition products, and save on research and development costs. (Check out "What Can Conjoint Analysis Do for You?" to learn more.)
Question Types

General Interviewing

Discover gives you access to many different question types including selects, grids, ranking, open-ends, numerics, and constant sums. Skipping, scripting, and randomizing are also available.

And Much More...

  • Collaboration
  • Upload external data
  • Custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Powerful built-in scripting functions
  • Pass-in variables
  • Advanced export

Discover costs $3,000 per year (less for academics) and that includes unlimited surveys and free tech support!


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