An Introduction to MaxDiff

On-demand Webinar

If you would like to learn more about the maximum difference scaling technique (also known as best/worst item scaling), how to conduct MaxDiff exercises within a Sawtooth Software survey, and analyze the results, please join us for this hour-long information-packed presentation.

Webinar Details

MaxDiff is used for measuring the importance or preference within a list of items. It is a great replacement for standard ratings questions, which have their own set of issues such as lack of discrimination, straightlining behavior, and scale-use bias. MaxDiff is easy to understand and applicable to a wide variety of problems.

What You'll Learn

  • Design a MaxDiff exercise in Sawtooth Software's interviewing platform: SSI Web
  • Analyze and report MaxDiff data using the MaxDiff Analyzer service


Megan Peitz

Brian McEwan