Using ChatGPT as a Co-Pilot to Explore Research Data

On-demand Webinar

In this presentation Ray Poynter illustrates how ChatGPT is revolutionizing how research data can be explored. Ray shows how the power of Generative AI can allow the researcher to move away from a method-first approach (for example crosstabs, cluster analysis, or regression) and towards a data-first method. In a data first method the researcher combines the research question, the data and the power of AI to allow the exploration to find and follow the messages in the data. Ray Poynter has spent the last 45 years at the intersection of insights, research, and new thinking. He has held director-level positions with companies such as The Research Business, IntelliQuest, Millward Brown, and Vision Critical. Ray is committed to the research and insights industry, having been a member of ESOMAR for over 30 years and is a fellow of the MRS. In recent years Ray’s work has focused on training, writing, speaking and sharing. Ray has run training workshops for a variety of national and international organizations, including RANZ, TRS, JMRA, MRS and ESOMAR. He has written textbooks, taught at Saitama and Nottingham Universities, regularly blogs, and is active on social media.