Conjoint Analysis for Beginners

On-demand Webinar

Conjoint Analysis is one of the best ways to tackle some of the hardest problems in market research. How should I price my product? What features do users actually care about? How much is an upgrade worth to consumers? While these questions may seem daunting, they don’t have to be so scary! Join us for a beginner-friendly break-down of how Conjoint Analysis really works! We’ll cover a brief introduction to various type of Conjoint approaches, demystify what’s really going on under the hood of some complicated mathematical algorithms, and talk about what kind of outputs you can expect to share with your clients and stakeholders. With recommendations along the way, we hope to empower you with knowledge to speak confidently to clients, customers, or vendors regardless of your background. Brian McEwan is a Senior Advisor at Sawtooth Software, and has been helping people all over the globe learn and implement preference modeling techniques like Conjoint Analysis for over 15 years.

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Brian McEwan

Senior Advisor, Product Manager