Conjoint Analysis from Beginning to Recommendations

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Conjoint analysis is an increasingly popular market research technique used from product feature optimization to pricing elasticity studies and many more. Knowledge of conjoint analysis is now a must have for any analyst entering the field. But what are the right steps in conducting a conjoint analysis? What are the necessary considerations when setting up the study? How does one select the attributes to include? How many attributes and levels are too many? What are sample size considerations? What are the different types of designs for a conjoint study? What are the pros and cons of each type of design? What method should I use run the analysis? HB vs. MNL? What are utilities – and can I compare across respondents or attributes? What can I do with the utilities? How do I gain insights from the conjoint analysis results? Miklos Kremser, Director of Marketing at Sawtooth Software has almost a decade of experience with choice-based research approaches. Join Miklos for a 45-minute free webinar as he discusses the best practices of setting up and analyzing a conjoint study.

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Miklos Kremser

Director of Marketing