Getting Sample Size Right: What they didn’t teach you in school

On-demand Webinar

When it comes to choosing sample size for your survey research project, there are simple sample size calculators and rules of thumb you can use. Unfortunately, those basic calculators usually only tell half the story about sample size. Too often this results in choosing samples that are the wrong size and providing misleading information for decision-making. In this webinar Keith Chrzan from Sawtooth Software will share why the common sample size calculations are often misleading. We’ll also give you the tools, formulas, and guidelines that you need to get sample size right for your next project. All those who attend the webinar will also receive an Excel workbook that makes choosing sample size easier than ever. We’ll end the webinar with some advice about sample size for more complex statistical models like those involved in segmentation analyses, driver analyses, conjoint and other choice models.

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Keith Chrzan

SVP - Sawtooth Analytics