MaxDiff at Blizzard: Applying MaxDiff Methodology to Gaming (and more)

On-demand Webinar

Hardcore gamers are all about optimizing – doing the things that give them the maximum benefit, while simultaneously minimizing inefficiency and risk. When it comes to delivering the best experiences to gamers, there are so many different aspects to a game that it can be hard to know what’s most important. MaxDiff methodologies are a great way for people in creative industries to break down the highly-subjective aspects of their products and uncover the things that are truly important to their customers. Join us as Hasan Elsadig—the lead Consumer Insights researcher for Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo franchise—shares his thoughts around why MaxDiff studies work well in creative industries like gaming, how we can “level up” MaxDiff results to be even more actionable, and non-standard ways he has used MaxDiff methodologies to uncover deeper insights in gaming and beyond.


Hasan Elsadig

Global Research and Consumer Insights Manager - Blizzard