Choice Modeling Workshop (CBC, MaxDiff, and ACBC)

Sawtooth Software Virtual Learning Academy

Available Online


Come learn how to optimize your product features and price from the world’s most friendly company in the insights/strategy space! The Choice Modeling Workshop is a three-day introductory workshop covering three current and popular choice research methodologies: CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint), MaxDiff (Maximum Difference Scaling), and ACBC (Adaptive CBC). Participants will create choice surveys and analyze sample data using a team-oriented case study approach.

What You'll Learn

  • Why conjoint analysis has flourished and been so widely used in business/insights applications and economic investigations
  • The different types of conjoint/choice analysis and learning when you should use each
  • How to build choice models that deliver meaningful data
  • How to design, field, and interpret choice-based conjoint (CBC) exercises
  • How to analyze CBC and MaxDiff data using counts, logit, latent class, and hierarchical Bayes
  • How to build and use what-if market simulators
  • How to use advanced features for CBC such as conditional pricing, conditional display, and alternative-specific designs
  • How to design exercises using the variety of MaxDiff (best/worst) refinements
  • How to use adaptive choice-based conjoint (ACBC) exercises to get more precise data using interactive interviews that adapt to each respondent


How to Access the Online Content 

The three-day online version of the Choice Modeling Workshop costs $775 per participant. This reflects a $1000 discount from our live, in person workshops where the same content is presented. After purchasing access to the workshop, you will have six months to view and review all of the videos. More than 18 hours worth of content will be streamed to you on demand via any internet-enabled browser. Copies of the workshop materials are available from the Resources tab on each video.

Because this is a hands-on software training event, you will need to use a PC (configured with Windows) to use during the workshop. If you do not already own Lighthouse Studio, please email who will give you a trial subscription to Lighthouse Studio so you can complete the exercises mentioned in the video. It is helpful if your computer also has Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, and Excel.