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Market Simulators

A market simulator turns conjoint analysis results into a strategic decision-making tool. The results are practical, intuitive, and directly tackle managerial issues. As just one example, a market simulator could tell you whether you would be better off improving the speed of your product by 25% as opposed to extending the warranty by one year.
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Our market simulator solutions include:

NEWA powerful, feature-rich, Windows-based tool you run on your computer. Replaces many of the functions of the legacy SMRT software.
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The streamlined and attractive online tool used to view conjoint analysis results. Typically used by end clients.
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A browser-based tool for tabulating MaxDiff results as well as TURF optimization to find optimal bundles of items that motivate buyers.
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LEGACYThis capable Windows application was the default Sawtooth Software simulator for decades. An optional add-on gives you the ability to perform optimization searches.
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Questions about market simulators?
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