Forecast Market Behavior

Simulate what-if scenarios to see where your product fits into the competitive landscape.

See the estimated buyer preference and tweak your virtual product to discover which combinations of features and price offer the most profit, revenue, and/or share of choice.

Automatically create sensitivity analysis charts to see which levels of the attributes (including price) add the most value for your product.

<p>Line graph of shares of preference compared with price.</p>

Advanced Optimizations Made Easy

<p>Graph of shares of preference related to revenue in the choice Simulator</p>

The sophisticated optimization search feature does the hard work for you, as it smartly sifts through a multitude of feature combinations to find the one that maximizes your objectives.

To add more realism, include feature costs, add product awareness data, define product distribution for the market overall or even detailed by region/store to get a more accurate prediction of consumer choice.

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Reports Worth Sharing

The many reporting options allow you to see which segments (or even individual respondents) are most likely to prefer your product. Quickly see simulation results in tables as well as graphs and charts.

Share projects with co-workers or clients at no extra cost, and allow them to run their own simulations.

Export data to run simulations in Excel, or generate a PowerPoint file for your client presentation.

<p>Results reported on attribute importances by the choice simulator</p>

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