Consolidate Your Survey Programming Business on Sawtooth Software’s Platform

Last updated: 06 Jun 2020

Sure, we’re known for conjoint/MaxDiff. But, did you know that 38% of our customers use Lighthouse Studio exclusively for all their survey research projects? Featuring SPSS file export, gorgeous survey style, free hosting, and an offline mobile Android app, it’s the powerful and economical tool for all your survey research needs.

See what they’re saying:

“It is by far the best survey authoring software available. Much easier to program and more powerful than the online portal systems such as Decipher, Qualtrics, Confirmit, etc. Works great on mobile. Support is the best! We have programmed thousands of surveys with Lighthouse for companies in various industries around the world. “

Rod Howson, President, ILLUME

“We recently investigated Qualtrics survey platform and the list of things we discovered that Qualtrics couldn't do that Lighthouse could grew quickly and we ended our investigation. We have compared it to almost every other product on the market and have never really been close to switching.”

Scott Segrin, Sr. Vice President, Advantage Research, Inc.

“My preferred software for survey crafting. The ability to customize and the wealth of knowledge in the community allow for almost everything I want programmed to be programmed. I have legitimate fun when programming through Lighthouse.”

Kallen Hatch, Market Research Specialist, Cicero Group

“This software is very easy to use and has many built-in features that make programming surveys extremely easy. We use Lighthouse Studio for all of our general survey programming needs…if you do run into any issues their customer support is the *best* customer support I have ever experienced in the software industry.”

Luke Thelen, Director, Advanced Analysis & Study Design, Hiner & Partners, Inc.

“Sawtooth's Lighthouse Studio is a great overall survey tool. For years I had pretty much considered them the go-to firm for conjoint design software. But I have been using Sawtooth as my primary survey software for about seven years now. It does everything we need.”

Steven Runfeldt, Senior Researcher, Deft Research

“This is the main tool we use to program surveys of any level of difficulty.”

Tatiana Firsova, Research Director, ConsumerQuest

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