Community Question Library

Beginning with Lighthouse Studio 9.3, you may create a personal question library with your favorite questions and you can also share your questions with the Sawtooth community by submitting them to Sawtooth Software (see submission requirements).

To use question from the community library download the question here and import it into your Lighthouse Studio question library to use it freely in your surveys. The questions are provided as is—without warranty or support (please review the community question library terms and conditions before using).

Better Lighthouse Library

25 Sep 2020 - 928 hits

A library of JavaScript tools built to improve the process of developing customized code for Lighthouse Studio.


25 Sep 2020 - 5887 hits

A tool for creating branching questions on a single page (e.g., show Q2 if and only if Q1 = 1).

Custom Drag-and-Drop Ranking

25 Sep 2020 - 668 hits

Drag-and-drop ranking question with support for ranged rankings and other specify fields.

Drilldown Dropdowns

25 Sep 2020 - 4717 hits

A series of dependent dropdowns.

Price Laddering

25 Sep 2020 - 2049 hits

Respondents answer a series of pricing questions to determine the highest price they are willing to pay.

Multi-Currency ACBC

25 Sep 2020 - 3 hits

A tool for applying customizations to summed price throughout an ACBC exercise.


04 Feb 2020 - 5502 hits

A simple calendar question.


04 Feb 2020 - 5602 hits

Respondents use drag-and-drop to categorize items.

Checkbox Order

04 Feb 2020 - 5116 hits

Records the order checkboxes are selected.

Custom CBC

04 Feb 2020 - 388 hits

Tool for building customized CBCs.

Custom Dropdown

04 Feb 2020 - 456 hits

Dropdown question with support for single or multiple select and searchable items.

Drag-and-Drop Ranking in Grid

04 Feb 2020 - 5192 hits

Adds drag-and-drop ranking functionality to a grid question.

Highlighting: Custom Ranges

04 Feb 2020 - 5613 hits

Records highlighted regions of a given text.

Highlighting: Words

04 Feb 2020 - 1781 hits

Records highlighted words of a given text.

Not Applicable: Per Question

04 Feb 2020 - 5819 hits

Adds a "Not Applicable" checkbox beneath a question.

Not Applicable: Per Variable

04 Feb 2020 - 5325 hits

Adds "Not Applicable" checkboxes to a question with multiple variables.

Row-by-Row Grid

04 Feb 2020 - 2315 hits

A grid question that appears on screen row-by-row.

Sliders: Ranged

04 Feb 2020 - 4948 hits

A collection of ranged sliders.

Sliders: Single Value

04 Feb 2020 - 4893 hits

A collection of sliders.


04 Feb 2020 - 2336 hits

Adds a timer for all questions on a page.