The Future of Sawtooth Software, Discover 2.0!

Last updated: 03 Oct 2022

Discover 2.0 survey software mockup on a laptop

It’s finally here! Our product teams have been hard-at-work building the new and improved Discover experience. We feel confident that the usability improvements and functionality (current and planned) will make your online survey authoring experience easier and more enjoyable. 

We are eager to hear about your experience with the product. So, feel free to email us with any feedback (good or bad) so that we can make this product the best it can be for you.

What you need to know 

With the move to Discover 2.0, as we call it internally, there are a few things that you will need to know: 

  1. Discover 2.0 is replacing Discover 1.0 - As of October 28, 2022, the new Discover experience will become the default when you log into  To check out Discover 2.0 now go to
  2. Surveys are not cross-platform compatible - Because the new platform has been built from the ground up with new technology, old projects (projects created before the switch date in Discover 1.0) are not compatible with the new platform and therefore will not appear in the Discover 2.0 surveys list. (Before you worry about losing your projects, take a deep breath and keep reading. Everything is going to be okay!) 
  3. Discover 1.0 can still be used – Everything in Discover 1.0 will remain the same. You can still create, edit, monitor, and analyze surveys in the legacy Discover experience. All existing and live surveys will not be affected. The only thing that will change is how you get to your Discover 1.0 account.  
    Once the switch takes place, will take you to Discover 1.0. You will also be able to get there from the My Surveys screen of Discover 2.0 (more details on this after the switch).  
  4. Continual improvement in Discover 2.0 – As can be expected with a new platform, you may find that a piece of functionality may be missing, or that you suddenly have new capabilities at your fingertips.  
    We’ve tried to prioritize features and functionality to reach a base product that covers the basics while also introducing some new exciting things to make your experience better (like multi-language surveys and anchored MaxDiff!). We acknowledge that, though the new Discover experience can do a lot, it is not complete.  
    We are diligently working on features to get up to parity with legacy Discover and to go beyond what we’ve ever built before! We encourage you to use Discover 2.0 wherever possible, but we understand that you may need to continue using Discover 1.0 until some other key features are in place.  
  5. Help us help you! - We want you to help steer the ship!  
    If you find that a feature is missing in Discover 2.0 that is preventing you from utilizing it, reach out and let us know! We are listening. If we hear that a feature is in high demand, it will be prioritized and considered for development accordingly.  

We’re so excited to officially start this new journey with you! Our future is bright with this new Discover platform. With it, we will create the best, most powerful, and customizable online survey platform in the world! We look forward to working together as we go on this exciting journey.