Becoming an Expert in Conjoint Analysis

Choice Modeling for Pros

Getting Started With Conjoint Analysis

In Becoming an Expert in Conjoint Analysis: Choice Modeling for Pros, Sawtooth Software executives Bryan Orme and Keith Chrzan share the practical knowledge that has taken them 50+ years to learn. This is the book they wish had magically fallen out of the sky onto their desks early on in their careers. It is the advanced sequel to the highly-regarded Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis (now in its 4th edition) by Bryan Orme.

In this 331-page volume, Orme and Chrzan explain the ins and outs of advanced choice modeling. Occasionally, they highlight tools specific to Sawtooth Software; but this book is clearly written for choice modelers in both marketing and economics, whether using Sawtooth Software or not. If you have already learned the essentials of conjoint/choice analysis and are ready to reach and accelerate toward the expert level, this book is for you!

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