Using the Word Import Feature in Lighthouse Studio

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Can I upload my Microsoft Word survey into Lighthouse Studio?

Based on feedback from our users, the 9.6 release of Lighthouse Studio includes Word Import. This feature helps make survey programming more efficient. Word Import works exactly how it sounds: write your survey in Microsoft Word then upload it into Lighthouse Studio.

The following question types are accepted:

  • Select
  • Grid      
  • Numeric
  • Open-end
  • Ranking
  • Semantic Differential
  • Constant Sum
  • Text
  • Terminate

Additional features include:

  • Lists. Build lists and reuse them. Add tags to identify “other specify” and “none of the above” exclusive items.
  • Skip Logic. Write pre- and post-skip logic to specific questions and special destinations.
  • Comments. You can include comment tags that are ignored and can be used throughout the document. This is helpful when passing notes back and forth between the client or parsing the questionnaire into sections (i.e. screener, demographics).
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS. Want to write custom code? Feel free! Or just use simple bold, underline, and italics commands in Microsoft Word and Word Import will read that in as well! 

Here is how you might specify a Select question in Microsoft Word.


Please select your favorite color:
• Red
• Green
• Blue
• Orange

This example shows a question named "Q1". The text inside of brackets, or tags, are used to specify different settings.  In this example, we have a single select question with a radio button and a list that is randomized.  In addition, the word favorite will be bolded, italicized, and underlined in Lighthouse Studio. 

There are many tags included with the different question types, akin to what you can do when you program directly into Lighthouse Studio.  For example, you can specify minimum and maximum values of numeric questions, or minimum and maximum checks in a multi-check question, and even the redirect link within a terminate question. 

Download a sample survey.docx to get started

Once you have imported your survey into Lighthouse Studio, any changes or additions will need to be made within Lighthouse Studio.