Do you offer video hosting services?

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2019Hits: 5600
My company is working on incorporating videos in our Sawtooth Software surveys. Does Sawtooth offer any sort of hosting for videos and other multi-media? Or would we need to host a video elsewhere and use JavaScript to embed the video in the survey?

You may include videos into your surveys, however Sawtooth Software does not provide streaming video hosting services. This is a fairly complicated process that we prefer to leave up to the video hosting experts, like YouTube or Vimeo. If you want to include a video in your survey, the best thing to do is upload your video to a video streaming service, mark it as private (if you don't want it to be viewed by others), and then use their embed code to add the video to a survey question. When respondents see that question, a version of the video will be streamed to their browser, using the best size, format, and quality that their device can handle.