How many general interviewing fields do I get?

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2019Hits: 5113
I've purchased a subscription to Lighthouse Studio. How many general interviewing fields do I get?

The MaxDiff, ACBC, ACA, CVA, and CBC modules for Lighthouse Studio  come with 50 General Interviewing (CiW) data fields which may be used to acquire demographic information, rating scales, semantic differential slider questions, etc. If you want additional data fields, then you need to purchase a General Interviewing subscription to Lighthouse Studio. It comes in four different sizes: 100, 500, 1000, and unlimited data fields. That number represents the total number of datafields available in your survey. For example, if you purchased the MaxDiff module, then you already have 50 datafields. If you have a survey that features a MaxDiff exercise and a CBC exercise, you are still limited to 50 datafields. But if you needed more than 50 but no more than 100, then you would purchase the General Interviewing 100 version, which would give you 50 more datafields, bringing the total to 100.