Is there an Interaction Search Tool demo?

Last Updated: 26 Sep 2013Hits: 5540
In the Summer 2012 issue of Sawtooth Solutions, Bryan Orme wrote, “We have developed a stand-alone .EXE that will examine a .cho file (either a CBC-generated or ACBC-generated file) and compute all 2-LL tests for all 2-way combinations of attributes. A summary report is given, sorting the interaction effects from most significant (lowest p-value) to least significant. The cost of this tool is $250. If interested, please write to order.” Is there a downloadable demo of this software?

We do not have a downloadable demo available for our interaction search tool which is basically an automated tool that will test for interaction effects using a logit model. However, let me describe what the software will do once you load in the .CHO file. First, it will run an aggregated logit model for main effects only. Next, it will run a different model with each possible interaction effect added in. Next, it will run a 2 log-likelihood test on each model to see if your interactions add any significant explanatory power. Finally, it will generate a summary report with the interaction effects sorted by significance.