Academic Lab Analysis Limits

Last Updated: 26 Aug 2014Hits: 5514
I have an Academic Lab Subscription with free hosting for 250 completes. I have collected 200 incompletes and 100 completes. Because my license will only allow SSI Web 8 to load in the first 250 respondents, how do I get all my completes into SSI Web?

If you fielded your study with an Academic Lab Subscription license loaded into SSI Web, when you download the data from the Admin module it automatically sorts the data by the sys_RespStatus so that completes are downloaded before incompletes.

If you previously downloaded data earlier into SSI Web, such as during testing or during fielding, you may already have some incompletes in your local database. Before you load in the final data set you may want to get rid of any data that was previously loaded into SSI Web. To do that, find the .db3 file in your study folder and delete it (or rename it) and that will remove any existing data from your local database (the data still exists up on the website until you delete the project).

If for some reason this isn't happening for you, you can manually edit the data in two different ways:

  • Delete Server Data. In the online Admin module, select the Search menu item and choose the Respondent Status of "Incomplete." Then hit the Search button and you will see all of the incompletes. You can then delete those selected records. You need to be careful because this will delete the data from the server. Once it is gone, it is gone.

  • Delete Local Data. Download your data via the Admin module and save the data file as a .csv. Using a .csv editor, like Excel, load in the data and sort by one of the fields, such as sys_RespStatus which is normally set to 5 for completes. Delete the records you don't want and save the file in its original .csv format. Load the data file into SSI Web via the Field > Get Data > Import study data files.