Hosting Surveys at GoDaddy

Last Updated: 28 Oct 2013Hits: 2842
Will surveys created with SSI Web work on servers?

SSI Web surveys may be hosted at on one of their shared Linux OS servers that have access to a MySQL database. Their default configuration includes a current version of Perl and its required DBI and DBD::mysql modules.

To configure the survey for uploading to a GoDaddy server, under the Web Server Management > Self Hosting tab, besides filling out the database and FTP information on the screen, you will need to check the "Advanced" button. Then, under "Database Settings," specify the database server host name and database server port number.

For example, a host name may be and a TCP/UDP port number may be 3306. If you don't know the port number, chances are it is 3306, which is the official default port for the MySQL database system.