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Lighthouse Studio includes modules for general interviewing, ACA, CBC, ACBC, CVA, and MaxDiff exercises. A valid license for each module will be required before a module may be accessed.

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Latest Version


  1. Two JavaScript resources were updated to the latest versions. jQuery to 3.4.1 and Modernizr to 3.6.0.


  1. In the Choice Simulator if level text of an attribute contained only numbers (with no additional text), and those numbers overlapped with the level index number, then the wrong level utility would be used in simulation calculations.
  2. When exporting utilities from the data/export area, a MaxDiff score rescaler was inadvertently being used instead of the conjoint utility rescaler. Utilities exported from the Analysis Manager used the correct rescaling method.
  3. Filters created within the Analysis Manager would not be available after leaving the Analysis Manager area.
  4. If the Summed Price attribute was the first attribute in your attribute list, it was impossible to add Constraints to ACBC analysis.
  5. The JavaScript function SSI_ShowAlert was not working.
  6. There were various minor survey formatting issues (text alignment, white space).

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