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Lighthouse Studio includes modules for general interviewing, ACA, CBC, ACBC, CVA, and MaxDiff exercises. A valid license for each module will be required before a module may be accessed.

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  1. ACBC Test Design would fail if the study included passwords, quotas, or other ACBC exercises. 
  2. Using ACBC Test Design then opening a new study remembered variable names from the first study. 
  3. Importing CSV data in various locations caused a “cannot be auto mapped” error. 
  4. Trying to save Shelf-Facing Display or Additional Formatting settings in CBC could cause a “null referenceerror. 
  5. MaxDiff scores were not zero-centered when exported even though the zero-centered scores within the Analysis Manager were correctly zero-centered. 
  6. Some exercise outputs (i.e. utilities, importances, etc.) and sys_SequentialRespNum were not exported from Data Management. 
  7. Constructed list MaxDiffs using pre-generated design containing more respondents than design versions would get an unknown error when running utilities and when exporting a CHO file. 
  8. Trying to export analysis fields caused an error when additional respondents were accumulated after analysis was run. 
  9. Trying to export MaxDiff fields for respondents that partially completed the MaxDiff exercise caused an error. 
  10. Free Format preview caused a study verify error when using Sawtooth Script to reference a variable. 
  11. Attribute coding interactions may not be saved in some situations. 
  12. Filters would not be saved through Data Management. 
  13. List item labels and internal labels would not be saved through the Grid Question settings. 

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