MBC Downloads

MBC is a system for analyzing menu-based choice datasets. A valid license for this module will be required before the software may be accessed. To install the latest version of MBC, please follow these directions:

  1. Download Program. [14.7 MB]

  2. Launch Installation ProgramFor new installations: While we recommend using the default installation location, you may install the new version of MBC in any directory you choose. For updates to older versions: If you had an older version of MBC on your computer, the new version of MBC will uninstall the old version before continuing. Your previous study and data files will remain intact.

  3. Enter License Information. Your license will be a file attached to an email you received with your order. If no previous license is found, MBC will ask if you would like to enter a license. Otherwise, the license manager can be found by clicking Help | License Information.... In the license manager, click Add to specify the location of the license file.

  4. Register. Register your software so you can receive information on updates and assisting your organization in monitoring its licenses.

Latest Version


  1. This version fixes an issue with respondent weighting in Logit runs. This can occur if the locale set in the software used to read CSV files is different than the machine’s locale. The weight values are not converted to numbers correctly, and result in respondents with extremely large weights. The resulting utilities are of poor quality.

Version History