SMRT Downloads

SMRT includes modules for ACA, CBC, CVA, ASM, CVA/HB, Latent Class, and CCS.

To install the latest version of SMRT, please follow these directions:

  1. Download Program. If you are upgrading from SMRT v3.x, you must uninstall your old version before installing this update. Please note that this version no longer supports Windows 2000. If you are unable to upgrade your operating system please use a previous version. [8.3 MB]
  2. Launch Installation Program. If you have chosen to run the installation program from its current location, the installation process will start automatically. Otherwise, you will need to manually launch the installation program. For new installations: While we recommend using the default installation location, you may install the new version of SMRT in any directory you choose.
  3. Enter User ID Information. You will need to import your UserID information to unlock the software. This can be imported directly from the .userid file included in your confirmation email. To import the user ID information, launch SMRT and go to Help > About SMRT/User ID...

Latest Version

This release includes support for the Academic Research licenses.

Version History