Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA)

History of ACA (2001)

18 May 2001 - 385 hits

In this paper, Rich Johnson, Sawtooth Software's founder, recounts the history of Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA). He traces its development and theoretical roots from the early trade-off matrices ... Read More

Staying Out of Trouble with ACA (1996)

15 Mar 1996 - 292 hits

Though we've been told that ACA is remarkably easy to use, our users run into problems from time to time. 18 of the most common pitfalls are discussed. Most of the pitfalls listed focus on design and ... Read More

ACA Technical Paper (2007)

01 Sep 2007 - 708 hits

Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA) is software for conjoint (trade-off) analysis. The term "adaptive" refers to the fact that the computer-administered interview is customized for each respondent. Data ... Read More

Perspectives on the Recent Debate over Conjoint Analysis and Modeling Preferences with ACA (2002)

14 Jun 2002 - 306 hits

The author responds to recent criticism of conjoint methods and compares ACA with self-explicated methods. The author provides his perspective on using ACA, some shortcomings of the method, and ... Read More

Accuracy of Utility Estimation in ACA (1987)

06 Apr 1987 - 339 hits

Results from a Monte Carlo simulation are reported showing that ACA's estimation technique is unbiased. The accuracy of utility estimation under various questionnaire conditions (e.g. 2 attributes ... Read More

The "Importance" Question in ACA: Can It Be Omitted? (2005)

04 Feb 2005 - 322 hits

Although ACA has proven to be a useful and popular technique over two decades, many researchers have argued that the self-explicated importance question in the ACA "Priors" may be a weak link. The ... Read More

An Empirical Comparison of ACA and Full Profile Judgments (1991)

14 Jun 1991 - 299 hits

Huber, Wittink, Fiedler and Miller present a methodological study comparing ACA with traditional full profile conjoint. 300 respondents completed both an ACA and a full profile task administered one ... Read More

Calibrating Price in ACA: The ACA Price Effect and How to Manage It (2000)

09 Jun 2000 - 330 hits

Even though ACA is one of the most popular conjoint analysis techniques, it has been shown often to understate the importance of price. This article by Peter Williams demonstrates a method of ... Read More

Multistage Conjoint Methods to Measure Price Sensitivity (1994)

24 Jun 1994 - 404 hits

Some researchers have discovered that they can obtain better overall results by combining ACA with a second conjoint module. The author, Jon Pinnell of IntelliQuest, refers to this as "Multistage ... Read More