Market Simulators

Differential Sourcing of Share in Brand/Price CBC Studies: Market Simulations on HB Lower-Level Point Estimates vs. Draws (2020)

05 Jan 2022 - 1516 hits

We compare two common ways for modeling differential sourcing (substitution effects) among 38 SKUs in a brand/price CBC experiment: simulating on the HB respondent-level point estimates and ... Read More

Introduction to Market Simulators for Conjoint Analysis (2019)

03 Jun 2019 - 10226 hits

The Market Simulator is usually considered the most important tool resulting from a conjoint project. The simulator is used to convert raw conjoint (part-worth utility) data into something much more ... Read More

Multi-Objective Searches in Conjoint Analysis: An Intuitive Explanation (2018)

01 Mar 2018 - 3542 hits

In conjoint/choice analysis, we often build choice simulators to investigate product or product line solutions that maximize some criterion such as share, revenue, or profit. However, solutions that ... Read More

External Effect Adjustments in Conjoint Analysis (2006)

01 Mar 2006 - 4822 hits

Market simulations from conjoint data often do not closely predict actual market shares. That is to be expected, as the model doesn't incorporate many real-world factors that critically affect market ... Read More

Dealing with Product Similarity in Conjoint Simulations (1999)

01 Feb 1999 - 3142 hits

Conjoint simulators have been very useful for transforming part-worth utility values into the more concrete and managerially appealing shares of preference. Such simulators let the analyst play ... Read More