Garbage Can Cluster Analysis: A Comparison of Variable Selection Techniques for Mixed Scale Data (2022)

14 Nov 2022 - 1220 hits

Though it's not widely known among segmentation analysts, having too many basis variables can work against the objective of finding well-differentiated segments. We tested three different variable ... Read More

Segmentation: How to Do It Badly and Well (2022)

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Segmentation helps marketers understand how groups of customers differ with respect to the products, messaging or positioning that appeal to them. Understanding these differences gives marketers ... Read More

Segmentation: Four Common Types of Segmentation (2022)

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Many discussions of segmentation delve into a red herring topic about kinds of basis variables: should you segment on demographic variables, on psychographic or attitudinal variables, or maybe on ... Read More

Achieving Consensus in Cluster Ensemble Analysis (2009)

29 May 2009 - 2583 hits

Cluster Ensemble Analysis is a relatively new technique to market researchers. The process involves combining existing cluster or segmentation solutions (an ensemble of candidate segmentation ... Read More