Simulator Features

Allows importing utilities from multiple sources Sawtooth Software products or CSV files

Supports linear terms and part-worth utilities

Supports conditional price table

Basic Features

View average utilities and attribute importances, segment and weight by demographic variables

Create boxplots and histograms of utilities

Simulation methods include share of preference(logit), first choice, randomized first choice, purchase likelihood, and utility

Multiple simulation scenarios


Segmentation may be used for filtering and for reporting purposes 

Interpolation of continuous attributes 

Allows for additional metrics beyond share (volume, revenue, cost, profit) 

Sensitivity Analysis Methods

Traditional (varies one attribute at a time from base case)

Parallel (varies one attribute in tandem across all selected products; for instance, for measuring price sensitivity when multiple SKU’s are typically priced identically)

Product optimization

Search methods include grid (greedy), exhaustive, and genetic

Optimization can focus on one or more goals, including share of preference, revenue, profitability, utility, or product cost. If more than one goal is selected, simulator optimizes along efficient frontier.

Step size allows you to optimize with interpolation between measured levels.

Revenue and cost information can be specified directly or using formulas

Additional Features

Report results for each individual respondent

Availability effects: general availability, by store/region, or by individual respondent

External effect share adjustment to match target via utility adjustment method

Include product awareness

Net results by brand, category, etc.

Utility reporting tool graphs utilities & importances 

Change decimal places of precision 

Change currency 


Licensed users can create standalone project files for unlicensed users with the same features

Create Excel-based simulator templates

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