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Easy-to-use, template-based authoring on your own PC

Lighthouse Studio makes it easy to create simple to quite complex online surveys. To develop surveys, you use your Windows PC or laptop. The survey can be fully previewed and tested on a local PC, without the need to connect to the internet.

Constructed (dynamic) lists

One of the most powerful aspects of Lighthouse Studio is the ability to create custom lists of response options. These lists are defined by rules you specify and are customized to each respondent, based on the respondent's answers. The example below demonstrates how a constructed list might be used.

Which cities have you visited?

San Diego

Out of all the cities that you have visited, which is your favorite?

San Diego

Show me a CiW Sample Survey with constructed lists.

Powerful skip logic

Lighthouse Studio makes it easy to add skip logic (branching) within your survey. Skips can be executed before the page loads (pre-skips) or after it has been submitted (post-skips). That means respondents can receive pages that only include the subset of questions that apply to them, and respondents can skip pages that are not relevant. Skip logic can be simple or complex, including parentheses to force order of operations, etc.

To see a skip logic screenshot, see the following screenshot page

Admin Module

Having your questionnaire on the Internet is not only convenient for respondents, it is convenient for you (or your client) for checking the progress of the survey.

You can view and download data, calculate marginals (tabulate responses for questions), determine the number of completed surveys, or even change set-up options for your survey. The online administrative module is password protected, and you can give a "read-only" password to your client that enables some (but not all) data management capabilities.

All of the operations in the Admin Module can be done while the survey is being fielded, without interrupting respondents who may be simultaneously completing questionnaires.

Flexible self-hosting on Unix, Linux, or Windows

Lighthouse Studio software allows you to host your survey in the environment that best meets your particular needs. Detailed instructions in the Server Setup software documentation will guide you through each step of the setup process, and knowledgeable technical assistance is always just a phone call away. The software works on any Windows or Unix(Linux) based server platform that supports Perl scripts (including inexpensive shared hosting solutions).

Online survey hosting service available from Sawtooth Software

For users that either prefer assistance, or for those with more demanding server needs, we also offer our comprehensive web hosting service. This service is frequently used by first-time Lighthouse Studio users, but also gives experienced users access to our cutting-edge server solutions and simplified hosting process. Even new users can confidently take on large-scale survey projects with minimal resource commitments, reduced risk and fewer headaches. See Hosting for more information.

Responsive, free technical support

Sawtooth Software provides free technical support. Our friendly support staff is knowledgeable and responsive. Show me Technical Support.

Annual subscription fee

By purchasing a Lighthouse Studio subscription you can create and administer as many online surveys as you would like during the life of the subscription. Show me Pricing and Ordering.

Lighthouse Studio

Lighthouse Studio is our flagship software for producing and analyzing online and offline surveys. It contains modules for general interviewing, choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice analysis, choice-value analysis, and maxdiff exercises.

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