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Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis: A New Patient-Centered Approach to the Assessment of Health Service Preferences (2010)

This article is from a peer-reviewed journal article on Sawtooth Software’s ACBC (Adaptive CBC) approach. Indeed, most ACBC research has been published at the Sawtooth Software and joint SKIM/Sawtooth Software conferences, which aren’t subject to a formal academic review process. We’re pleased to point you to an article recently published in a peer-reviewed healthcare economics journal entitled “The Patient: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research”.

The article is authored by Charles E. Cunningham, Ken Deal, and Yvonne Chen.

The authors review previous ACBC studies involving consumer electronics, home purchases, PCs, automobiles, fast food, mobile telephone, chemical products, and consumer durables. They conclude:

"A review of randomized trials and cross-over studies suggests that, although ACBC surveys require more time than conventional approaches to CA, informants find ACBC surveys more engaging. In most studies, ACBC surveys yield lower standard errors, improved prediction of hold-out task choices, and better estimates of real-world product decisions than conventional choice-based CA surveys."

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