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How the program benefits you

Bring cutting-edge methods at no cost
The College to Career program grants you and your team access to advanced survey research methodology software at no cost to you or your employer, opening doors to new business and opportunities at your job.
Uncover valuable insight on behalf of your employer
After running successful studies using conjoint analysis and MaxDiff in the Discover platform, you provide invaluable data and incredible insight that your employer or clients haven’t had before.
Be a hero and an invaluable asset to your bosses
Bringing the necessary tools to run advanced methodologies and the knowledge of how they work makes you look good. You may even be promoted more quickly because of your initiative and solution-based reputation.

Resources to convince your team about the value of conjoint analysis and MaxDiff

What is conjoint analysis?

Conjoint analysis is a category of research methods that attempts to predict how people make difficult choices by making tradeoffs between the attributes (and levels) of a product or service.

Conjoint analysis surveys take respondents through a series of tasks that presents them with a set of multiple product/service packages with varying attributes. Respondents are asked to choose which package is the best for each new set, thereby making tradeoffs and revealing which attributes truly matter to them.

Data collected from conjoint analysis studies can be used to predict marketshare and simulate product performance for current products or for a new product to introduce to the market.

Learn About Conjoint Analysis

What is MaxDiff analysis?

Like conjoint analysis, MaxDiff analysis is a choice modeling methodology. Using a best/worst choice approach, it measures how important/preferable items (levels) are comparatively.

MaxDiff surveys ask respondents to select items as best or worst, showing items typically four or five at a time, across multiple sets. Respondents are good at picking extremes, and MaxDiff results in greater discrimination among items and between respondents on the items than traditional ratings scales.

By analyzing the best and worst choices, we get a set of preference/importance scores that prioritize the tested items in terms of their relative preference/importance with respect to each other.

Learn About MaxDiff Analysis