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Adds "Not Applicable" checkboxes to a question with multiple variables.



Requires a question variable to be answered or that "Not Applicable" be selected. Supports grid and semantic diff questions.


  • The downloaded question must be placed immediately after your question (the question to be given these check boxes).
  • The downloaded question's list should be set to your question's primary list. For a semantic diff, this can be the left or right list. For a grid, this is the list that goes along the direction of the grid's orientation.
  • Your question must have require response disabled for every variable.
  • If your question is a grid, lines 9 and 10 of the footer must be updated. Example: constantSumOrRanking: [2, 3]
  • If your question has graphical radio buttons or checkboxes, Disable Graphical Inputs must be included.


  • Line 20 of the footer can be updated to change the label of the checkboxes.
  • Line 1 of the custom JavaScript verification can be updated with a minimum number of checkboxes a respondent must select if not choosing "Not Applicable." The minimum is zero by default.

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