Error: Invalid procedure call or argument

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When starting SSI Web, the error "Invalid procedure call or argument - Error 5" is displayed.

Version:  6.0 - All versions of 7
Products:  SSI Web

When starting SSI Web, the following error appears:

Application Load Error Invalid procedure call or argument - Error 5

SSI Web versions 7 and earlier rely on the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime. Please make sure the latest version of the runtime is installed on your machine. The download file and installation instructions are located on the Microsoft website:

After installing the runtime, please reboot your machine and start SSI Web again. The error should be fixed.

If you continue to get Error 5, the error may be caused if the user's "Documents" (or "My Documents") folder is not available, such as when the folder is on a network location and the user is disconnected from the network.

You may check if the Documents folder is not on the local drive by going to a command prompt and typing the word "set" and hitting the enter key. This will display the environment variables for the machine. Look for the environment variable called "USERPROFILE". If this variable points to a drive that does not exist on the machine, this is indicative of the problem. We've also seen the problem arise with the environment variable "HOMESHARE".

If possible, change the environment variable with the help of a system administrator. If you are not able to change the environment variable with the help of a system administrator, we've provided the following work-around.

A setting may be created in the registry to direct SSI Web to a custom Documents folder. You can get to the registry by running the program "regedit.exe" usually found in "C:\Windows". Please be very careful working with the registry -- many program and system settings are stored there.

Find (or create) the following folder in the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Sawtooth Software\CiW\Last Settings

Create the string value "My Documents" in that folder, and set the data value to an existing folder the computer has access to. For instance, if you create a folder on your hard drive named "C:\Local Documents", type "C:\Local Documents" as the data value.

Note that for SSI Web, this "My Documents" registry setting always overrides the traditional Documents folder (even when it is available).

If this does not solve the problem, please contact technical support for additional help.